Feelings And The Law Of Attraction

by Rohan Jagtap

Yes!!! I believe the universal law of attraction. And why not? Whenever I think about my life n its events... I know internally some power handled that all. And yes! That power is the law of attraction. I read thousands of articles on law of attraction. I experienced this law, by purposely thinking on some specific thoughts. The simple definition of LOA is 'like attracts like' or you can say 'as within, so without'.

Look at your past. Your past is nothing but whatever you thought deep inside of your heart. Yes! You are the creator of your life. This is the secret!!! And the ancient peoples also know about this secret. But the common man at that time is not ready to accept this truth. So they created the concept of God! And Power of God is nothing but the Power of Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction is just like Law of gravity. You can’t see or prove physically the gravity. But you can experience it. You even don't pay your attention towards the force of gravity as it is present from the time of your birth. The force of attraction is also present from the birth of this universe n it will present up to its end.

Now the question is which feelings does comes with a GOOD LOA???

1. The feeling of fulfillment.

2. Gratitude about that fulfillment.

3. It feels like your breath wants to live more n more like this.

Inner feelings start with your own thoughts. So developing your thoughts on a right path is very important in this way.

LOA do not differentiate between good or bad. It simply attracts whatever you think well or whatever you think badly. Ok we will make it simple... If in the morning you have done 3 good thoughts n 1 bad thought, at afternoon 5 good thoughts n 3 bad thoughts, at night 2 good thoughts n 3 bad thoughts. Then your upcoming life is +3-1+5-3+2-3=3 this addition n subtraction is going on every moment that passing through your life. N you are getting your results in your up coming life. But imagine what? If it happens like...+4+2+3-1+5-1=12 this result will make your life more beautiful that you ever want.

There is not too much to say if anyone wants to say about LOA, but yes! I require 4-5 articles to describe LOA n my experiences with LOA as a common man like you. Besides this if you want any detailed information on LOA from experts and want to watch any videos related to that visit this website http://universalmindlaws.blogspot.com. Believe me this is the magic that you ever want to know in your life.

Copyright @ Rohan Jagtap. All rights reserved.

Rohan Jagtap is a philosopher. He believes that our life is nothing but the result of Law of Attraction acting upon us. He says you can change your life by changing your own thoughts. He read thousands of articles from web related with LOA. His site will be the last destination for all those people who wants to know anything about The Universal Law of Attraction. http://universalmindlaws.blogspot.com.

LOA gives the answer of any problem that you are facing in your life.

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Sharad on 9 December 2008 at 16:39 said...

Dear Rohan,

I read your article - ”Feelings and the Law of Attraction”. Through out the article I liked most is the way of your explanation how the LOA do not differentiate between good or bad, which is very effective and easy to understand.

Yes we can change our life by changing our thoughts. But I think act according to thoughts is also very important, which we forget to do.

Best wishes,

Sharad Jagtap

माझं नाव रोहन on 10 December 2008 at 04:16 said...

Thanks :-)