How to Manifest Your Life

What is Thought Manifestation?
Thought Manifestation is the act of holding a certain thought, idea, or intention in your mind for a certain amount of time, and charging it with enough emotional energy. After all that, if the theory holds, then your intention should manifest in your life in some way. One principle of Huna, which follows this same system, is ‘Energy flows where attention goes.’

Is this Hocus Pocus?

I suppose it could be considered hocus pocus by some, but I prefer to view it as science. If you apply an experimental viewpoint to this, you may just find that it really DOES work! What have you got to lose?

Where should I start?

The first thing you should do (although it is NOT necessary), is to start practicing meditation regularly. You must train your mind to eliminate the negative self-talk that will destroy your intentions. It is extremely easy to mess up an intention by simply thinking “Did I do it right?” or “This stuff can’t be real” or “I doubt it will happen.”

Now, whether you meditate or not, you must start with a thought. Hold this thought (and nothing else) in your mind for at least one full minute every day. Preferably, hold it in your mind whenever you find yourself not doing anything or when you have free time. Give the intention your complete focus and attention. Think about every aspect of your intention. How will it feel? How will it smell?, etc. Think about your intention as a child thinks about presents on Christmas. Become excited about your intention; wait for it patiently, but anxiously.

You must KNOW that your intention will manifest. There should be no doubt whatsoever. An experiment is no time for skepticism!

What are some examples?

Some examples of Thought Manifestation:

“I intend for extra money to come into my life.” “I intend to find a new love interest.” “I intend to receive a promotion at work.” “I intend for my new business to succeed.”

(See the Section ‘The Blue Feather Experiment’ below for a more specific exercise)

Your intentions should NEVER be used to harm others, or take something away from them. Chances are, this form of manifestation would not work anyway, and you may even incur some karmic debt. (If you believe in such a thing, which honestly, I think you should. ;) )

When will I see results?

Sometime it varies, sometimes it will be clockwork. It’s all dependent on you; your mind, your intention, and your belief. Belief is a very powerful force. If you believe it enough, it WILL become true. The universe WILL manifest your intentions, it does this ALL the time. If your intentions are fear-based, ie. constantly worrying about something, then the universe recognizes what you’re focusing on, and manifests it.

The Blue Feather Experiment
This is a simple exercise taught by Pohaku of It’s easy to do.

Create a blue feather: (taken from Richard Bach’s book - Illusions)

Make it a point, for the next 24 hours, to think about a blue feather as often as you can. Maybe even write it down - in a notebook or on a post-it note you keep on your desk.

If you can maintain this in your mind for a 24 hour period - within 48 hours you will experience a blue feather. Somehow, in some way, a blue feather will come into your life. You will create your own reality.

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