Law of Attraction Primer - Learning to Deal With Negative Feelings

Author: Shannon Moyer

Like many people, when I first learned of Law of Attraction, I was transformed. It was like a doorway was opened that allowed the truth that I always knew was there to flow in. For at least two months I existed in a state of near constant euphoria. If I caught a negative thought in my head, I laughed it off and changed it to something positive. I was less easily angered and annoyed - almost nothing could permeate my fantastic mood, and if it did my anger or annoyance didn’t last for more than a few minutes. It was fantastic!

Eventually I came down from this “natural high” and began to experience my normal range of emotions again, which of course included some negative ones. As you might imagine, I found this to be very alarming! Every time I felt “bad” feelings, I tried and tried to push those negative emotions away and to only allow myself to feel good, but it didn’t work! Of course, then the negative thoughts began to multiply, “what am I doing wrong?” “This is horrible!” “Why am I doing this to myself?!” “I’m going to ruin my chances at happiness!” …all of which only lead me to feel worse! I was in a tailspin of panic and self-flagellation.

Luckily, I already had a well-established habit of introspection and self-awareness that allowed me to come to the following realization pretty quickly:

Whether or not my negative emotions were interfering with my ability to use LOA to create the life I wanted, making myself more miserable because I was feeling miserable was pointless and even more counterproductive to my ability to consciously work with LOA.

I decided I wanted to find a better way to deal with my negative emotions so that they would not interfere with my ability to make the most of LOA in my life. So, I did a lot of reading: Abraham-Hicks, Joe Vitale, Eckhart Tolle, Collette Barron-Reid, and others. What I came up with is this: we have nothing to fear from our emotions. They are the frequency upon which the information that we are broadcasting to the Universe is carried. Being afraid of them is synonymous with being afraid of a television signal. Just because the signal sometimes carries “bad” news, does not mean that the signal itself is a threat. The gift of our emotions is that we have the ability to receive our own signal…by feeling what we feel, we are able to remain informed about the kind of frequency we are broadcasting, which helps us make informed decisions about what we choose to focus our attention on and the actions we choose to take. Similar to the way that physical pain is part of the mechanism that keeps our bodies well, our emotions are part of the mechanism that keeps us well mentally and spiritually. Which means that we have everything we need to make choices that help us live the most joyful and satisfying lives possible.

Realizing the value of so-called “negative” emotions makes it a lot easier to choose to allow them to come and go as they do naturally, which is generally a heck of a lot faster than when we get all caught up in worrying about them and how to “get rid” of them, or worse try to deny that they’re there to begin with. The key is to acknowledge them in order to gain access to the information that they are providing, without feeding them with excessive worry and focus of attention by then trying to force them to change or to go away. Keep in mind that in order for the information to be useful to you, you have to figure out how exactly it is about you and your habits and/or choices. Sometimes you might come to the conclusion that there is nothing that needs to be changed other than how you think about a certain situation, other times you may have a limiting belief that needs to be addressed, and still other times you might find that a drastic change in your behavior “in the world” is necessary.

What is the message in your negative emotions?

About the Author:

Shannon Moyer is an accomplished Coach and Consultant. She holds an MSW from Widener University in Chester, PA and has post-graduate study and/or training in the following areas: Behavior Modification and Management, ABA Techniques, Mentor Coaching, Co-Active Coaching, NLP Coaching, Energy Psychology, and Law of Attraction Philosophy

Shannon is passionate about using her education and experience to help empower people to overcome challenges and achieve more fulfilling lives.

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