Law of Attraction - Steps To Successful Action

by: Ken Triat

The following steps help in bringing the Law of Attraction into your life. They build off the issues presented in the movie “The Secret”.

I have used them for good success in my life and internet business. I recommend that for you to get the most out of them, they should be printed out, laminated and place where you can refer to them. If you are into affirmations they can be part of your affirmation steps each day.

Step 1. Have passion –

“Be passionate!” It’s at the core or successful thinking. Exactly what is passion?, “Enthusiasm on a big scale.”

Step 2. Be tenacious-

Don’t be someone who lets them self or anyone in their organization, give up on any project until every possibility of success has been explored. Consider the fact that Donald Trump bought the land for Trump Place in Manhattan way back in 1974 - and it is now nearing completion. That’s tenacity.

Step 3. Think big –

We all have to start with small steps on any project, but urge yourself and those people around you to take the biggest steps they are capable of. “Thinking big can get you to the top. Assure yourself, “it’s not lonely up here!” because you bring others with you

Step 4. Be a sponge for new information and ideas –

There’s really no such thing as knowing too much about what you’re doing. Despite your packed schedule, you must read everything you can and strive to get information you can use from everyone you meet. There should always be a book or magazine on your desk, and I find that inspiring.

Step 5. Take action –

When you know what you need to know about a project or idea, you need to move decisively. Yet also have a flexible philosophy and be willing to take a step back and start again - tenaciously - if the time is not right to move forward. So it is a matter of taking risks, but considered risks. It has been said, “A lot of people are afraid to fail, so they don’t try. They talk, but they don’t do. That’s the perfect formula for failure.”

Step 6. Learn to negotiate –

“Learning to negotiate is invaluable if you hope to connect in any way with other people.”

Step 7. Enjoy competition –

Your competitors are there to help you perform better in the world and they certainly – drive you to achieve more success than they have. “Competition forces you to outdo yourself,” You should affirm through affirmations. “I love competition because, ultimately, it makes me a bigger and better person.”

About The Author

Ken Triat has a masters degree in Business Administration. Currently reviewing personal development centred around the power of the mind using the Law of Attraction.

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