The Simple Science of Manifestation

The number one question we all want to know the answer to is: how do we truly get what we want in life?

We see people who seem to get everything they want so easily, and others who struggle day in and day out, not ever moving ahead towards any of their goals.

What if the struggling was, in fact, what was holding those people back?

In order to manifest what we want, we have to understand the way the Universe works. At its most basic level, the quantum physics level, we are all made up energy, and that energy is broken down into tiny particles that vibrate at a certain frequency. This is something you probably learned in high school science class, even though you may not remember it.

What’s more interesting is the fact that not only do we have cellular-level particles that vibrate at a certain frequency, but so does everything in the world. That includes the chair you’re sitting in, the computer you’re looking at, the table it’s placed on; everything is vibrating at the molecular level.

Once you understand that everything is vibrating, it’s not a far stretch to understand that things that vibrate on the same frequency attract each other. You may have seen this in science class too, or even in music class; when a tuning fork is struck, its vibrations cause other things at the same frequency, or musical pitch, to vibrate as well. If you hold a guitar up near a vibrating tuning fork, you’ll see that the guitar string that matches the tuning fork’s frequency will begin to vibrate as well, and play the same note.

These principles form the basis of the Law of Attraction, which is possibly the most powerful Universal law in learning how to manifest what we want. In a nutshell the law states that like attracts like, and things that vibrate on the same frequency attract one another.

Since everything is energy vibrating at a certain frequency, it’s not hard to believe that thoughts and emotions are energy as well. So your thoughts and emotions vibrate at a certain frequency, and attract things to them that vibrate on the same frequency.

In other words, happy thoughts and emotions attract more into your life to make you happy. Angry thoughts and emotions attract more into your life to make you angry.

If you want a million dollars, and you can tap into the thoughts and emotions that you would have if you had the million dollars, you’ll be vibrating on the frequency of someone who has a million dollars. The Universal laws then say that the million dollars will be attracted to you.

However, if you have thoughts and feelings of struggling, as mentioned in the beginning of this article, you will attract more struggling to you.

The Law of Attraction only talks about the attraction process. It’s also important for you to take action on what is attracted into your life in order to finalize that manifestation process.

The Law of Attraction will bring opportunities to you. Maybe while you’re vibrating like a millionaire, a brilliant idea comes to you that could easily make you a million dollars. Now you have to take action on that idea in order to actually manifest the million dollars.

While it may seem magical at times, the process of manifestation is deeply rooted in science. Once you understand this and apply the laws to your life, you can manifest whatever your heart desires.

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