Top Ten Tips for Loving Yourself

By Laurie Brenner
Working with the law of attraction is an adventure to be sure. Instead of living life on autopilot and taking what comes, why not try a different tack and you will experience dramatic change in your life. A majority of the people alive today did not receive what was needed when they were growing up to help them develop an appreciative attitude in their adult years. If you employ appreciation in your life, for what is in your life, it will bring you whatever it is you are desiring and focusing upon - much quicker. But because our caretakers lived what they had been taught, they passed on to us the limitations handed down to them. This has been going on from generation to generation. These limitations caused us to develop belief systems centered around ideas that we are not worthy of love, abundance, peace, happiness, joy, prosperity, loving relationships, meaningful work or whatever else seems to negatively dominate one’s life. Learning to love yourself is the basis for accepting anything good in your life. You can say all the affirmations you want, do the dances, and work through any of your blocks, but if you don’t love yourself FIRST and foremost, the work you are doing will fall on sallow ground. Learning to love you is the corner set stone and is the foundation for all inner work. It is the starting point for everything else. Once you love yourself, you learn to be gentle with yourself and understand that you are perfect in the eyes of the Universe just as you are which allows you to grow and receive more of the benefits the Universe holds in escrow for you. Here are ten things you can do that sends the message of love to yourself: 1. Make a list of the ten things you like about yourself. 2. Treat yourself the way you would treat a friend or a lover. 3. Wrap your arms around yourself (in private) and tell yourself out loud, “I love you.” 4. Close your eyes, take deep breaths from your belly, get centered and then visualize yourself as a small child and hug this child close to you as you tell him or her how much they’re loved and how very special they are. 5. Forgive yourself for all that you “perceive” you have done wrong. 6. Take yourself on a date. A movie, a drive, the museum, the mountains or to the beach, where ever you’ve want to go. 7. Buy yourself a gift, wrap it up, and put it away for a month and then “surprise yourself” with it. 8. Write yourself a love letter. 9. Do something that is nurturing and comforting to you. Give yourself permission. 10. Ask yourself what YOU can do to make yourself feel loved. Write out the question on a piece of paper with your dominant hand and answer with your non-dominant hand. This shifts you from left to right brain. The bottom line is if you don’t think you’re worth loving, who from the outside of you can love you? You need to love yourself first before you can truly receive and enjoy the love from another human being. Though you may be in a relationship already, loving yourself puts you in a place where you can more easily express love to another person as well as opening yourself up to the bounty of the universe. When you truly love yourself, you feel really, really good. When you do not love yourself, you don’t feel good. For the well-being and abundance of the universe to flow to you, you need to feel good about yourself first. The Beatles had it right, All You Need Is Love. Don’t hold back-give it to yourself. You are most certainly worth it-you’re here aren’t you?

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