Law of attraction and thinking seriously

By Rohan Jagtap (creater of universal-mind-laws)

I think first step for achieving the success must be becoming serious about your own life.

Laughing loudly or crying seriously or thinking on the things over and over whole day and night means not you are serious about your life.

If your mind is calm, you are observing all the events in your life smartly, and if you have found the perfect path on which your life can travel. That’s mean that you are really serious about your life.

If you want to use the law of attraction, first of all you have to become serious about your own life. Observe your life as a third person. Joy, happiness, pain, sorrow, stress…your life is full of emotions. Give these emotions proper destination.

Secondly before asking universe about your desired things, ask as, attracting wishes by using the universal law is my life’s indispensable part. I am thankful for that…today, tomorrow and forever. Universe will always remind me about the power that I am holding in my feelings.

Everyday read at least one article about the law of attraction written by any author. Or just listen every day the first 20 minutes of the movie secret. This will remind you every day about your power.

When you are with the resonance of universal law, you can feel the joy, the excitement, the fulfillment. At that time your mind don’t rises the questions like when or where? You just enjoy that moment…Because you are living your wish!

You are magician…really you are! You are shaping this universe with your thoughts. So just change the direction your thoughts and ask yourself, ‘What do you really want?’ and the answer of this question will change your life…

If you have some negative thoughts, then actually that’s not you! But the universal forces of other persons which are acting upon you. The exact thing that you want is your actual own thought. So make it clear what you want? And concentrate upon that thought. This will make your life very easy and simple. So go ahead and think seriously… life is waiting for you!

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