The Law Of Attraction In The Marketplace

The Law Of Attraction In The Marketplace

Author: John Alexandrov

I have been studying and applying the success formula's of many of the great masters for many years. In the past year or so, thanks in part to a DVD called "The Secret", there has been a dramatic increase in the public awareness about such principles as Applied Faith, Inspired Action, Deliberate Creation and the Law of Attraction. In fact I have been a student of the law of attraction in the past. However during the past 9 months, I have come to higher level of awareness and understanding of many of these topics.

In particular, I would like to point out the distinction between the principle of "Deliberate Creation" and what is being taught today by modern day guru's as "the law of attraction." Some of the distinctions I am about to make may seem like "semantics" to some of you. I can assure you the distinctions I am about to point out are anything but semantics. Your understanding and application of the principle of deliberate creation can have a profound positive impact in your life as well as countless others. Belief in a so called law of attraction on the other hand can be very dis-empowering. Below you will find a short comparison of the principle of Deliberate Creation and the so called law of attraction.

First, let's start with a few definitions:

Deliberate Creation - "the act of creating done with full consciousness" or "the act of creating done with purpose."

Law of attraction - "you get what you think about" or "like attracts like."

You can already see from the definitions above, there is a significant distinction between Deliberate Creation and the Law of Attraction. First of all Deliberate Creation requires action... the Law of Attraction is passive. Deliberate Creation is born out of awareness and consciousness. The Law of Attraction is whimsical at best. Sadly, many business people who, for the most part are very astute, have taken to "thinking themselves" to success. I have heard complaints from sales managers in some very large organizations that their staff have ceased prospecting and cold calling in lieu of "manifesting" leads. While it is imperative that we be in the proper, positive mindset as we grow our businesses, it doesn't END there. We must TAKE ACTION.

Here's a more detailed comparison between an action oriented principle like Deliberate Creation and the Law of Attraction made popular by "The Secret":

Deliberate Creation

* Based on certainty

* Encourages inspired action

* Evolved from a true law of the universe... James Maxwell's Law of Electromagnetism ( a moving electric charge creates magnetism )

* Based on empowerment ( you are at a minimum the co-creator of your life's experiences )

* Based in Consciousness ( you make clear deliberate choices and demonstrate your faith with actions )

* Requires personal integrity ( being honest with oneself ) and the courage to be fully empowered

* Assigns no blame, just a clear directive on how to realize your full potential

Law of Attraction

* Based on wishing and hoping

* Passive

* Made up law with no basis in science or evidence to support its claims

* Based on victimization (a magic genie in a bottle will deliver what you wish for)

* Based in mythology: Aladdin's lamp, bike's magically appearing on your front Porch, planes flying over your house and dropping bags of Money in your front yard, etc.

* Allows you to fool yourself into believing "everything is okay"

* Encourages personal dishonesty and inaction.

* Implies "if it isn't working for you" its your fault

If you truly desire to "create the life of your dreams", rather than leaving it to chance, learn to employ the principles of deliberate creation. It is the surest path to the realization of all of your goals. Become empowered to make clear and conscious choices about your life... coupled with inspired action.

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