The Three Hidden Laws of Attraction

The Three Hidden Laws of Attraction

Author: Dr. Isabella Santorini

Since the movie, The Secret, has reached a wide audience, many more people are looking to use the law of attraction. It is a simple process, but it is not necessarily easy.

What I've learned from master teachers about the Law of Attraction has been extremely helpful in guiding me to avoid the pitfalls that most make when working with the Law of Attraction.

Fasten your seat belts, because the following information is powerful. It might be too much to digest immediately. If so, let it germinate within you for awhile. You’ll find that you will open up to your new possibility in your own, correct time.

Hidden Law of Attraction #1: We All Have Things We Are Naturally Attracted To. In Targeting These Things, The Law of Attraction is Easiest. – Each individual person is wired, if you will, for a specific purpose. We have a myriad of talents for achieving that purpose and we have an infinite amount of energy for such pursuits. Our dreams may seem impossible now, when we’re trying to fit five hundred things into each hour of the day, but it is entirely true. When we begin to hone in on our purpose, we combine our talents in new ways to make progress faster than we ever would have before.

Many people, when they begin to use the law of attraction, do so haphazardly, wishing and hoping for random things, whatever strikes their fancy at any given moment. This is ill-advised and can cause a great deal of frustration. But if we have this tool, Hidden Law of Attraction #1, we can get on the fast track quickly. The secret is to use our natural drive and interest. If I’m a gifted writer, speaker, and visionary, and the idea of expressing those gifts gets me truly excited every moment of the day, then I already have the greatest force behind me, helping me to attract all that I need in order to succeed. I even have hidden talents that I’ll discover along the way that will help me.

Hidden Law of Attraction #2: Take Action on a Consistent Basis – This is not going to be a lecture upon the importance of taking action. Instead, I’ll point out two things, 1) schedule time into your day, every day, to express what you love to do and 2) at first, taking these actions may be really rocky.

The first point is simple. Schedule sometime everyday to express what you love doing. Do this everyday. And remember, it should be enjoyable. This shouldn’t be a task that you’re dreading. If you love to draw, then draw, without worrying about if anyone is going to like your drawing or not. This time is not going to be used at first to produce something that is going to be sold. It is to start exercising your gifts.

The second point is vital to moving forward. Often when we begin to use our gifts in a committed manner, the road is rough. When I began this process myself, I needed to get up at 5 am and write for two hours before my family got up. That way, I had guaranteed, uninterrupted time to express my passion every day. But I went through a transition period. First of all, my life had to change in order for me to fit in two extra power-packed hours of creative work. I went through some really groggy days for several weeks while I adjusted and learned how to manage my day. Also, there may be some internal resistance to doing what we love and the only way to get through that sometimes is to just continue on until we find some freedom. There are many fun things to do in life, but few that are more rewarding than committing to living the life of your dreams.

Hidden Law of Attraction #3: (This one is my favorite.) Be Who You Are Longing To Be – Actually practice thinking of yourself as the person of your dreams. Part of my own gift is that I’m a visionary. I see things in a really unique way and put together new concepts and make them accessible to people. It’s a great gift, but who do I look to for an example? There are not many people who are highly visible visionaries. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a visionary. As was John F. Kennedy. But I chose to concentrate upon a woman named Peace Pilgrim, a simple person who walked across the county with no possessions except a comb and a toothbrush, to talk to people about peace. When I think of her, I get completely inspired by her authenticity and simple, powerful message. So when I learned this Hidden Law of Attraction #3, I began to picture myself speaking to thousands of people, relating to each person in the audience, reaching their hearts and helping to add momentum to the inner drives for brilliance within each one. It was a simple idea, but one that was incredibly powerful for me. Soon after that, I began my speaking career and it literally shot through the roof. I never had to advertise or search for places to speak. I always had people ask me to speak after that. The explosion in my public speaking was incredible. I was booked solid for over a year within three months of beginning to speak publicly.

These kinds of results are available when we really focus upon things that inspire us. And the effort that we have to expend to create such miraculous results is minimal—and enjoyable.

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Dr. Isabella Santorini used to be a stressed out doctor, who then took time off to be a stressed out stay-at-home mom. But since then, she’s learned to master the hidden laws of passionate living. You too can learn the secrets to living an incredible life. Visit the gifted teachers from who she learned the hidden laws of attraction:

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