Before the Beginning of Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is working constantly, with or without your consent. Start by changing your core beliefs. Core beliefs are what you have acquired from your parents, teachers, environment, and culture and carried from childhood into adulthood and would swear they are heaven ordained. Get rid of any of these old beliefs and habits that are not consistent with where you want to go in life.

Opening your mind to new ideas and Creative Thought processes is a big leap of faith and can change core belief. I know having blind faith and believing in the unseen is a big pill to swallow for most. A great example of faith is your belief that the sun will rise tomorrow you don't know how, but you do know it will.

When people are not totally able to see clearly or understand the Science of the Law of Attraction, they are quick to say it doesn't work. Instead of desiring and allowing the process to work, people let doubt slip in and take over their thought process. Contrary to belief, there is no scientific evidence that the Law of Attraction actually works, it's about having faith. Be decisive and establish that you want change in your life and that may mean leaving behind core beliefs such as: I'm not good enough, I'm not worthy, They won't let me because, I'm to short/tall, my mother/father etc. told me that it was wrong, you don't have enough experience, and of course, you have to wait your turn or time. Don't let any of these excuses or old beliefs stop you, reprogram yourself start by getting a clear mental picture of where you are now. Then move forward by asking pertinent questions like the following:

- What stops me from having my desire?

- What additional resources might I need?

- Am I visualizing?

- Am I feeling the essence of what I want?

- Am I being truthful and honest with myself?

These questions will help you think clear, specific, focused thoughts and with willpower, bring your desire into material form.

Use a journal to record your thoughts, desires, and answers. Write down old childhood beliefs and compare them with your new ones are they still relevant now? Let the journal become your blueprint for success and place to document your progress during the day.


1. Act now.

2. What are you grateful for?

3. See yourself free of any mental limitations.

4. Are you aligned with your desire?

5. What makes you feel euphoric?

Affirmation: There is no lack or limitations in my life.

And now, let's review the Law of Attraction:

1. Decide what you want.

2. State what you desire in the positive with enough emotion to make it feel physically real.

3. Think repeatedly during the day about your desire and visualize it.

4. Realign your thinking, using your willpower to get started.

5. Mentally and physically sync with whatever you desire to the point of manifestation.

6. Understand all possibilities are only limited by the thoughts in your mind.

7. Start pretending, also known as "Acting as If".

8. Be specific: include the size, shape, color, texture and when you want your desire.

9. Use affirmations and empowering songs to change old beliefs until the new, positive ones become a habit.

10. Do no give it your attention/point of focus to any situation or experience that you don't want. Simply put, do not entertain the thought.

11. Post pictures of your dreams, desires, and goals everywhere and visualize being in possession of them.

12. Believe, have faith, be confident, speak in the positive, and take personal responsibility.

13. Keep a journal; write specific details about your desire.

14. Model someone who has the positive traits you desire.

15. Stay focused and on point. Read, review, reprogram.

16. Start small, gain confidence in creating and manifesting.

17. Become consciously aware of you and your surroundings.

18. Believe and know that you are entitled to wealth, health, success and abundance. Expect that it will yours.

19. Acknowledge that you are a mental magnet and will attract to you everything you are thinking and feeling.

20. Enjoy every minute of the process, in the now.

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