Law of Attraction - How to Become a Powerful Magnet

Do you know why one piece of steel becomes a powerful magnet while another piece is simply an ordinary lump of steel? In an ordinary lump of steel, the positive- and negative-charged atoms are going in a hodgepodge of directions. The magnetized steel, however, has had its atoms lined up so that all its positively charged atoms face one direction and all its negatively charged atoms face the opposite direction. This alignment of atoms is what transforms ordinary steel into an attracting magnet. Do you know how this alignment occurs? One way is to place ordinary steel in close proximity to a lodestone, one of Earth's natural magnets. The lodestone's strongly polarized atoms have a polarizing effect on nearby steel.

Most of us, like the ordinary lump of steel, are sending mixed messages to the Law of Attraction because we're confused about whom we truly are and what's important to us. We feel uncertain about our purpose in this life. We say one thing but believe another, don't we?

For example, if I say that I want my clients to pay a deposit in advance for my services, yet I doubt that they will, then I am sending mixed messages and the Law of Attraction is receiving two conflicting signals. One signal says, "Send clients who will pay a deposit" while a second signal says, "I'm not capable (or worthy) of getting a deposit from my clients."

How do we become aligned like a magnet?

If we want to become powerful magnets, attracting more of what we enjoy into our lives, then we'll want to have clear, positive, good feelings about ourselves. We can discover who we are and what we truly love by noticing what feels good. Then we can begin to accept ourselves with our personal set of preferences and act in ways that honor our core values. Core values are deeply embedded values that give us guidance by producing good feelings when we honor them and negative feelings when we don't. Honesty, kindness, loyalty, compassion, and goodness are all core values.

How does prayer figure into this process?

Prayer is a great tool to connect to the Universe. If you truly believe what you are praying or meditating and you are being specific when asking for assistance, then the Universe will reply, "Give that person more of what they are asking for". Pray, but not from lack.

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