Bringing Forth Your Own Healing Energy And Your Most Positive Thought Patterns

by: Dianne M. Buxton
What is the key to manifestation for tapping into a balanced life where you can make money, and augment your positive emotions? Do you find yourself bringing forth conflicting emotions in envisioning spiritual vs material goals? Don’t waste time changing limiting beliefs - it is easy to learn how to tap into your own healing energy. Here are a few tips to observe your thought patterns. You will need a little notebook, this way you don’t waste time in clarifying realistic goals.

What is the last thought you are aware of as you fall asleep? Reflect on this for a few nights, and write down what you remember.

What is the first thing you think when you wake up in the morning? Write down what you remember.

See if there is a pattern here.

If you have a worry-related thought start to change it a little - such as “my worry thought”… “and I’ll find a solution for that”. Or “God will present a solution to me”….or “but that will get better”.

If you can make a bigger leap from your worried thought, think of its opposite - move to an idea, vision, FEELING, that the situation is entirely resolved.

If you have a pleasant thought, or a neutral thought that embraces something you like or are aspiring to, just add to it. ‘….pleasant thought….plus “and even More than that it is…..” your plus vision, FEELING’.

You make the jump you can make. Stretch just a little, and imagine the good feeling of your desired outcome. For some, it is a building on smaller steps, so you don’t snap back into disbelieving, feeling like you are faking it.

For instance, Esther Hicks, in the Abraham material suggests “XYZ is true - but wouldn’t it be nice if……(it got a little better ). So you make the leap you can make. And then “wouldn’t it be nice if it then……..(got this much better). You see how it goes.

If you are really stuck in a worry, there are energy techniques you can learn. Don’t waste time in manifesting wealth, goodness, and set realistic goals to achieve a balanced life. Maybe part of your goodness will be money beyond belief! Transform your thought patterns with your own healing energy.

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