When bad things happen to good people

by: Zoe Routh
So here’s the Big Question for the day: how does the Law of Attraction operate in relation to massive world events? Why did 911 happen? How does a tsunami occur? How does genocide get committed?Knowing ‘why’ helps make sense of the world and gives it meaning. Sometimes however you just can’t explain ‘why’. There are forces at work that are much greater than the individual and even collective human consciousness. For this reason, any explanation seems to fall short.

Take any belief and place it against world events like 911: various religions might say the devil did it, god was wreaking vengeance, the sinners were meeting their maker. In chaos theory there might be something like the butterfly flapped its wings and a hurricane came forth in Brazil. Subjective reality might explain that it is all just a creation of the consciousness - it is not separate to either you or me - it is all part of us anyway. In Law of Attraction lingo, you’ll hear that people were in resonance with the event.

So we’ve got god did it, the devil did it, the butterfly did it, I/you did it, and energy did it.

I’m not sure about you, but a wrathful vengeful deity or energetic resonance to a terrorist attack smacks of blame and guilt to me. And that does not feel good. At all. Even the random causality of chaos theory leaves a bitter taste of helplessness.

The thread of truth that runs through these explanations is that there is no single reason that explains a massive world event. There is no linear dominos effect between thinking and feeling and result. There are layers and layers of complex energetic interactions that manifest occurrences in certain times and places. To say in LOA terms that it was because someone was thinking negatively, or was somehow intending the disaster is like saying a cake is made of flour. There are many more ingredients with complex interactions and reactions that go into creating a cake. Even more so for global occurrences.

So what then? How do we make sense of it all if it cannot be explained definitively?

Here’s my crack at making sense of world events, even nasty ones like floods, fires, and suicide bombers.

There is nothing inherently ‘good’ or ‘bad’ about any event. Even something as shocking and extraordinary as 911 need not be ‘good’ or ‘bad’. It just is what it is. It happened. Thousands of people died. Many were terrified, injured, sickened, and upset. Was it all bad? It depends on your interpretation. There were many in the world that thought it was a good thing for their cause. There were also many amazing stories of heroism, human compassion, forgiveness, healing, realisations, and renewals. For many, it was an awakening.

It all depends on which lens of perception you’ve got on. And in big events like these, you’ve either got the ‘disaster’ lens on, or you’ve got the ‘renewal lens’ on.

Here’s how the ‘disaster’ lens leads you down a path of despair: tsunami, thousands drown, homes destroyed, stinking bodies, orphaned children, businesses ruined, people homeless.

Now try the ‘renewal’ lens: tsunami, people in need, outpouring of compassion and love, stories of heroism, love, and sacrifice that wake people up to their own humanity, opportunity to create new businesses and housing that are stronger and more secure, new investment in the country.

Same event. Same needs to be taken care of as a result. One approach creates fear, despair, and misery, and the other sparks commitment and action and compassion.

What matters most is not why something happened, but what you will make of it.

Stuff happens. It is neither good nor bad, it just simply is. What matters more is what you do about it next.

Does this mean we don’t mourn the dead, we ignore pain and suffering, and we condone malicious behaviour? No, it does not. It means we mourn the dead, as this is an expression of love. We acknowledge pain and suffering and seek ways of assisting them to move through their circumstances to better ones. We look for the pain behind the malicious behaviour, seek to understand, and plan to heal the wounded soul behind it all.

Just don’t get stuck on the event itself. This is where the ‘disaster’ lens strikes.

Every event is an opportunity to find something good and inspiring. And this is what is most important: if you can find a way to feel good in difficult circumstances, you will have mastered the art of freedom and living in to the Law of Attraction.

When you know in the core of your being that no matter what happens, there will be good in it somewhere, even if you cannot ever really understand it logically, then you will no longer be afraid of anything. You will lead a life of certainty and peace and freedom.

About the Author
Zoë Routh is the Head Coach at Inner Compass. She has paddled 30 weeks by canoe in northwest Ontario, run 6 marathons, hiked hundreds of kilometres in Australia’s outback, bellydanced at various festivals, written a book, and wrestled a 6 meter crocodile. It’s all true, except for the crocodile part. Sign up for more inspiration and your free Attraction Checklist at www.innercompass.com.au.

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