How Do I Use The Law of Attraction?

by: Gary Evans

You’ve heard about the Law of Attraction, but you’re still having a hard time getting it to work for you? Changing your thoughts can appear a daunting task, but it is one that you must undergo if you truly desire change.

Here’s a question you should begin to ponder … Is my goals and desires worth the effort required in order to bring about the manifestation?

Changing your thoughts to focus upon positive aspects most of the time is a time consuming challenge and will require persistence and a real determination to change. It will be a lot of work, but it will not be hard work.

Personally, I think that a lot of people perceive it to be “hard” work and so they give up and go back to their mediocre lifestyles. Let’s put this into perspective, if feeling good and imagining your desires as if they are already here is hard work, then something has gone horribly wrong in your deciphering of what it is that you want.

This stuff shouldn’t be hard work at all! It should be the most fun work you’ve ever had. Dreaming and visualizing about how you want your life to be is a wonderful experience.

There are three major factors we need to take into consideration when designing our lifestyles:

Thoughts – What you hold in your mind on a continuous basis is crucial to what you’re going to see in your future. It is your words that help define the thoughts you hold and it is your thoughts that help define what you will feel. Unfortunately a lot of us have got a lot of negative conditioning and we are so used to thinking in a certain way, that it does appear daunting when change is proposed.

Your thoughts are quite easy to change though - you just need to start feeding your mind with some positive thoughts and positive words on a continuous basis. Your feelings will soon change after you’ve been exposed to some positive “good feeling” thoughts.

Emotions – Pay attention to your feelings! If you feel bad, you’re certainly not on the right track and need to get out of that feeling as soon as possible. Feeling good is your dominant proclivity and it is your birth right. The only reason you can ever feel bad is if you hold thoughts that do not allow well being in. Good feelings are natural to you. When you hold no thought at all, you feel wonderful because you are more connected to your true source which always feels good.

As you become more focussed on thinking positive, abundant and prosperous thoughts you will begin seeing your world around you change to adapt to your new perceptions. I invite you to practice feeling great for 7 days straight … I promise you that you won’t want to go back to your old way of thinking.

Ability to Act – In most cases, our manifestations will come about in inspired actions. You will be inspired to do something, or you will receive inspired thoughts about what you should do next. This can be invigorating and when the conceptions are received it can be one of the joyous moments you can ever experience.

You must act on these inspirations with speed. That does not mean drop everything you were doing and act right away, but still jot down your inspired action and look into it later on.

Remember, there is no shortage of anything that the universe can yield to you, including opportunity. Do not beat yourself up if you feel you’ve missed an opportunity or if something fell through when you really wanted it to happen. If you are in harmony with the universe then an abundance of opportunity will present itself and will keep presenting itself until you do act.

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