Why Won’t The Law of Attraction Work For Me?

by: Gary Evans

If you’ve tried using the Law of Attraction and have failed to manifest what you want, then rest assured that you are not alone. Many thousands of people have given up far too quickly once they’ve decided that it doesn’t work for them.

But why doesn’t it work for them? And why doesn’t it work for you?

The truth of the matter is, you are using the Law of Attraction in every single moment. Are you consciously choosing thoughts in order to manipulate future events and circumstances? Or are you of the opinion that the thoughts in your mind are random and cannot be controlled?

It takes work, it takes persistence and it takes real determination to change your habitual thoughts. It is not impossible and it is something that every single person can do regardless of your education and upbringing.

In my opinion, there are three killer reasons why people tend to “fail” at using the Law of Attraction:

They used thoughts instead of emotions – It is not your thoughts that have the attraction power, it is your emotions. The universe does not hear your words nor does it see your pictures, but it does respond to your vibration. Emotions are what emit vibrations. After watching movies like “The Secret” some people misinterpreted the message and felt that if they thought about something for long enough then it would manifest.

This would be the case if they mixed their thoughts with emotion and become emotionally involved with their desire.

Time for an example: When I was younger, I was terrified of spiders – every time I saw one my heart would beat faster and I would feel the feelings of being scared and afraid. Looking back at the situation now, I can clearly see how I kept on attracting spiders into my life! I was putting great amounts of emotion into something that I didn’t want causing them to come into my life experience very frequently. Since switching my thoughts and not giving them any attention, I very rarely see them.

They don’t want their desire enough – There are those people who do understand what they have to do, but they are unable to focus enough time and attention onto their desires. Why? Because they don’t care about it enough! You may hear someone say “I want a million dollars” but when you ask that person why they want a million dollars they can only give you a few answers… “So I won’t ever have to worry again,” or “So I can buy a big home”. These reasons are perfectly fine, but they haven’t given the whole scenario enough thought – what exactly are they going to spend the money on? By working out the details you become more emotionally attached and invoke more emotional energy.

Took score too soon – Every time you say “Where’s my stuff?” what message do you think you’re putting out to the universe? Not one of having or expectation that’s for sure! Do whatever you need to do to prevent yourself from taking score and seeing all of your “stuff”. You need to be so confident that you will achieve your desire that you expect it to come to you. There is no taking score required ever! From this day forward make the firm decision that you will never take score of your current situation… that type of thinking is simply living in the past and it does not serve you.

So what can you do immediately to start brining your desires home?

Find a private area that you can spend 20-30 minutes alone every day without being disturbed and use that time to simply relax. Do not play any music, or watch any television, focus solely on yourself and quiet your mind. Make sure you close your eyes and start to visualize your desires as if they’re already here.

Imagine that it has happened right now, and feel what you would feel had it happened. The more excited and worked up you can get, the better.

I find it best to focus on a maximum of 3 desires at a time. Spend the first 10 minutes focusing entirely on that first desire. Don’t drift away from the thoughts, stay with it. Keep living it, and milk the feelings out of every thought you can conjure! What you will find is that the longer you focus your attention on your desire, the more ideas and emotions you will invoke.

The Law of Attraction works with your thoughts as well you know! In as little as 17 seconds, a like minded thought is being hurled into your mind. So focusing just a little bit of time can yield you some fantastic thoughts and ideas.

Once you’ve completed this daily routine, go on with your normal life and do not give anything negative any of your attention, the more positive you remain the quicker your manifestations will occur. But remember … DO NOT TAKE SCORE.

And that is it, now you must “know” that you’ve done all the work that is required. Everything else will fall into place for you, you’ll be inspired to do something or you’ll meet someone at the perfect time that can help bring about your desires.

Your work is done for that day, now rinse and repeat. Before long, you won’t even remember the days when you weren’t in control of your life!

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