A Secret Meditation for Law of Attraction Followers

by: Gary Evans

Looking to move to that all important next level? Are you seeking a method that can turbo charge your ability to manifest?

You’re in luck! By using my meditation you will undoubtedly manifest things more quickly and also experience more enjoyment when meditating.

Meditation is commonly mistaken for some mystic ritual or associated with monks and highly religious individuals. In my opinion, if you’re not meditating then you’re not connecting with your inner-being which means you will always have a partial detachment from the power that is natural to you.

When you focus your mind on something repetitive you automatically begin to quieten your mind which is the same as saying you are meditating. You reach a similar meditative state when you’re watching the television or listening to music. Your attention is in one place only and that is all meditation is. The difference is that when you purposely meditate, you are relieving your body and mind of many other constraints that it would normally be dealing with if you are watching television or listening to music. Once relieved of these, you can slip into a deeper state of concentration.

Find a comfortable area that you may sit quietly and will not be disturbed. It’s best to unplug the phone and turn off your mobile when you’re meditating to avoid all distractions. You can meditate in any position you like as long as your spine and head are kept straight in a vertical line.

Next, close your eyes and start to notice your breathing. Take a couple of deep, but slow, relaxing breaths in and out. Focus your mind on breathing and nothing else. When thoughts and images come into your mind (and they will) just release them and do not give them your attention, focus only on your breathing. Do this for about 5 minutes.

When you feel comfortable to begin, start to visualize what it is that you want. Is it a new home? A different lifestyle? Or a new relationship? Start to think and dream about what it is that you want.

Really get into the feelings of the visualization and enjoy the moment. Live it just for a few minutes whilst you’re in your meditative state. Think only about what it is that you want and pay no attention else where. For just a few moments, believe that what you are seeing in your mind is already yours.

Don’t worry if you don’t believe it at first, just keep practising the thought and visualization until it becomes a very familiar environment to you.

Once you’ve visualized all of your desires for about 20 to 25 minutes you can then gently bring yourself out of the meditation and feel good about yourself for completing masses of work in those 25 minutes!

Repeat this meditation for the rest of your life. No seriously, why wouldn’t you want to keep doing something that has two marvellous effects …

It brings you more joy and you’re moving yourself one step closer to your desires every time you do this meditation.

This meditation is one the most powerful manifestation techniques that I’ve ever come across. As simple as it may seem, the rewards that you will reap from doing it everyday are insurmountable.

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