How important of visualization is to your success

It has been proven that having a right mindset is a basic rule for achieving success. All the great leaders in this field reiterate that the mind is the source of all success and failure in life. But how a person can operate his mind in the way that he can eventually enjoy the results he wants. Visualization can be a method to enhance mind power and increase the possibility of good outcome. Read below to see why it is so and how to make use of it.

Our brain is one of the most powerful sources in the world. The two-pounded brain can contain enough memory equivalent to a gigantic computer. This computer will have a size of a very large building. It will take the whole river to cool down when this computer fully operates. The brain is divided into three parts according to their function. These are Conscious Mind, Subconscious Mind and Unconscious Mind. The conscious mind works as a control of the body. It works to help we act the way we want. It control how we talk, walk, express the face and do whatever we intend to do. This conscious mind consists of around ten per cent of the brain. Conscious mind works mainly via the verbal communication from oneself. Mostly we talk to ourselves and order the body to act or do the way we want. It is words conscious part of the brain if we would say.

Apart from the conscious mind, the brain also has subconscious mind. This part of the brain takes around fifty to sixty per cent of the brain. The subconscious mind controls what we do by overshadowing the inner idea of ourselves. It dwells upon our inner brain and makes all the conscious decision fruitful or not. Interestingly, it is believed that subconscious mind also has the power to control the environment and you can say the universe. It can attract or repel the situation or attribute including create the situation favorable or the other way around. This is also called the “Law of Attraction”. The subconscious mind works in conjunction with Reticular Activating System (RAS) to make we notice and encounter what we seriously want and concentrate on. For example, if we have a decision to desire for a red sport car, we will start to notice the red sport cars on the street and in your neighbors. Before that we did not even notice that there are such cars in neighborhood.

How do we communicate with the subconscious mind? The mind communicates by pictures not words like conscious mind. In other words, it will operate by visual. Therefore, visualization will help the subconscious mind to work the way we want. However, this part of the brain can not be logical. It can not distinguish right or wrong, good or bad. It just works according to visual command. If we feed our brain with the bad visualization, our brain will make it happen accordingly no matter how unfavorable it is going to be to its’ owner. For example, worry is a kind of negative visualization. If your worry is intense enough, this mind will make it happen to you. This is why most people in this world encounter unfavorable situation despite the fact that they want happiness. Yes, they want happiness but instead they visualize failure or fear and they get negative result in return. This is why visualization is important. The brain can not separate between what is real and what is not. Therefore, if we constantly visualize, we will get the subconscious mind convinced that the circumstance is true and it will attraction what it meant to make our goals happen. In addition, if we provide suitable ambience to the visualization procedure, it can accelerate your attraction to what you want.

The last part of the brain is unconscious mind which consists of approximately thirty to forty per cent of the brain. This part of the mind control the automatic function of the body including all automatic nervous system, enzymes , lung, heart, blood vessels, visceral organs..etc. It just makes all the body parts function without our control.

The function of the brain, as we already know, is essential for our living. It is not just important physically but it also involves in higher level of achievement. If we know what are the three parts of the brain and how to make use of them. We can ultimately succeed in everything. Visualization is a vital part of this method to make full use of the subconscious mind.

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Jim Somchai Managing Director of JimSomchai Company. He devotes his time in studying success and has been interested in the works of many personal development leaders.

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