Law of Attraction: Hit and Run

Recently a woman hit another person’s car in a parking lot here in L.A. The funny thing is that the person who actually hit the car happened to be famous and decided to look at her own car and move along. She allegedly did not even regard the other individual’s car, which had been parked simply because she needed to get some shopping done at the strip mall. The famous person went along her merry way and was captured by the paparazzi and now is being charged for hit-and-run. So, what is the matter with some people? Did we as the public do this to them or did they do this to themselves? My own personal belief is that, you got it, she did it to her self.

This is yet another case of the law of attraction at its finest. Now I am not saying I have been side-by-side with this particular individual nor have I been inside her head, but one thing is for sure, there is a lot of negativity surrounding this girl daily. Why would this be? She can’t possibly be focusing on just bad things happening! Right, but in many cases a person could not be focusing on anything positive at all and bringing all the lovely negativities in life right to their doorstep. How does a person change this?

People can change their negative experiences by, oh yeah, focusing on positive outcomes. Things people want are what they need to focus on. But what one DOES with these new opportunities is another story. We need to be ready to accept new opportunities reflecting what we have been focusing on as they come or they may very well disappear. One thing I would like to mention about what one person told me about the law of attraction is that “if you think about it long enough and hard enough it will become an actual thing!” Okay smarty pants, I want a money tree to pop out of my dresser in my bedroom. I am not ridiculing anyone I am merely stating that the opportunities the law of attraction brings upon you need to be…ACTED upon. Yes! People need to take action in order to get the outcome they so desire.

I work in Hollywood and have always had quite a time gaining access to ANYTHING in the business, but I have gotten through the doors I had focused on and succeeded. Now I am involved in other interests as well like this writing here. I read constantly and understand a lot of the principles that are the hot selling item out there. In reference to many of the ‘get rich quick’ programs out there, I really do not like the way they make people pay and pay only to make the person more needy when the answers are right there before their very eyes. Gain the knowledge, focus, and take ACTION. Ok well it’s time to go, got to get to Malibu.

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