Law of Attraction: Jack and the Rock

There is a person many of us know. They act very ignorant and spiteful towards other people, including their own family. They know they are always, not just some of the time but, always, right. No one wants to be around them, but they do give them attention simply because they are ‘family’. They have married into the family as an in-law and have been such a pain ever since. Many of us have already experienced this, many have fortunately not. But for those of us who have, we always go back to the same thought in reference to this particular person. That ever lasting wonder of “how in the world could any human being act like such a jack ass?” Now I am now calling anyone names, I am merely stating the very first thing it seems this particular person acts like. 

How does this behavior become so strong that it takes over their entire character even though no one wants to be even 5 feet away from them in a room? This particular person I have noticed likes to only focus on the things that are going wrong in his life. He does not show any form of appreciation for good deeds done for him, he just sees where they ‘messed up’. As you can see, this person is applying the law of attraction like a master! I do kid a bit when I say that, but yes, he seems to have mastered attracting bad things. And at first glance it seems this is what he wants, but that is very doubtful. When a person focuses their mind and energy on anything and make that thought the dominant thought, it becomes a reality. Wow! This is great, but I thought we were talking about ‘Jack’. 

The law of attraction is unbiased. It can be good for yourself, or it can be rather bad. This is simply because our minds do not know the difference between good and bad. Our minds simply see a picture or thought and work like crazy just to make sure that thought becomes a reality.

Jack has mastered this technique. He has successfully found a way to focus every waking moment (as well as sleep time, it seems) to think of every terrible thing that he does NOT want to happen only to wake up and find that all he did not want became a reality. Jack is a very disappointed person. His disappointment leads him to anger and resentment. He blames it all on his family and friends and *poof!* the LOA genie grants his wishes! Only these wishes have residuals! Now this guy is in a tailspin. How can he help this? Just turn off bad thoughts and pretend they are not there just to see everything fall apart? This is definitely something a person of this nature would think, which is obviously attracting more negative. 

The thing I have found that is the best way to get out of a bad day is just to accept the bad day for what it is and refer to is as an education. Yes! An education. If something happened that was undesired, we must have made an not-so-preferred choice somewhere down the line that lead to this outcome. Getting out of a bad day rut can be quite draining, but all of us can do it. Just a couple of days ago as I was driving to the set a rock hit my windshield on the far left side and made a crack stretch about ten inches across my windshield. The funny thing about this is that this is the third rock to damage my windshield in six months. Ok smarty, where’s YOUR lesson? Unfortunately, I am not able to stop flying rocks on the 405 freeway, but I can avoid flying negative thoughts bolting towards my psyche. This is definitely a tough thing to do for me since this kind of stuff really can ruin your day. But I was not going to let this little piece of gravel was not going to ruin a thing. I just relaxed and tried to visualize a new windshield that would not cost $800. 

As I walked into work I recalled an old friend who owned a body shop in North Hollywood who used to lend me a hand and really helped out with my car repairs years ago during a really drawn out struggle in life and I thought I would give him a call. I am very thankful that I did, because this old friend I had not spoken to in a long while was getting married that Saturday and I was able to give him my regards and attend his wedding. He thought I had just moved into another area or just left and gone away like many in this city. I may have moved and had become much busier, but I was never too busy for an old friend who helped me get through the really tough times in life. Just being around for his wedding meant a lot to him and I feel as though if it was not for the rock on the windshield, he would have never thought I even cared. I just wish I could have had that invitation forwarded to my new address.

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