How to Apply the Laws of Attraction When Faced With Negative Life Circumstances

The Law of Attraction is the most powerful law in the universe. It states that like attracts like. Focus on what you do want - not what you don't want. If you can eliminate don't want from your vocabulary, your life will get a lot easier. Whenever you catch yourself talking about what you don't want, say: Cancel! Cancel! Cancel! And then state what you do want.


get the Law of Attraction and I love it! However, I've noticed that in the midst of a crisis (break-up, lay-off, health issues, etc.) it can be brutally difficult to stay in attracting energy. How do you recommend applying the Laws of Attraction when faced with negative life circumstances?

Love, Jane


Jane - What you're experiencing is not uncommon. A lot of times individuals pressure themselves, thinking they must always be in a high vibration.

When a bad mood, crisis or awful job hits, it's easy to fall down the rabbit hole. Back in the day, I used to get mad at myself when I couldn't stay at a high vibration, because I felt that I should (note: whenever you feel like you should do something, you're off track - choose what is perfect for you!). Feeling those should's is definitely not productive and only ensures that you attract more of the same.

Here are a few of my suggestions and an example for pulling yourself out of a mood and back into a higher vibration:

* Read Jerry & Esther Hick's Ask And It Is Given

They discuss what's called the vibrational scale of well being. The scale is described as emotional set points, similar to a fuel tank. Emotions can range from depression to joy. It's practically impossible to go from a negative emotion to bliss.

* Listen to a fun and happy 
song (right now, I'm loving Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae) 

* Reach out to a friend - go have coffee & find out what's happening in her world

Dance. It's an amazing release!

And, when all else fails there's always - chocolate and shopping!

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