Law of Attraction: Taking Control of Life

The first step in utilizing the law of attraction in your own life, I have learned, is first by taking ownership of prior mistakes. Next is identifying what exactly it is that you really want while keeping out all thoughts about what you do not want. Identifying what a person wants as opposed to what they do not want is a major difference when taking the imperative steps towards happiness and well-being. Years ago I remember focusing simply on the negative. I would only focus on what I did not want to happen. The result that I experienced was in most cases the negative. The one thing I did not want at all. Why me? I would ask emphatically. This is unfortunately something that most people have experienced in their lives many times.

How can we alleviate such negative outcomes in our lives? There’s only one answer to that. You guessed it. We must always force ourselves to focus on the positive outcome in order to achieve the outcome we all desire. I am still appalled at my mindset in my early days just out of college and trying to make those first million dollars I thought I would make within a few years just to pay off those credit card bills. But, that unfortunately did not happen. It took a lot of negative experiences and not-so-good outcomes to realize that something had to change in my life. I honestly believe every single person who has every lived in this world would be able to relate to exactly what I am saying. Some may not admit to it, but most I believe will.

Admitting my faults was the first thing I realized I needed to do. Admit that I was not right all the time even if it was my own life. After that first painful step of admittance is overcome, the world is your oyster. Not only do we have to admit our faults and believe in ourselves endlessly, but we all must continue to educate ourselves and allow our minds to grow. It seems our minds are endless and as we proceed further and further down the path of happiness, so does our mentality. It all evolves into a much more forgiving, compassionate and powerful state of being. I am truly amazed at what a person can achieve once they realize the untapped power they actually do have inside themselves. Admittance is the key which unlocks all the doors to happiness. The longer we hold in the negativity and do not take ownership of the negative things that occur in our lives as our own manifestations, the longer it will take to achieve true happiness. This I strongly believe and witness daily in those who share this state of being and belief in themselves and the law of attraction that helps guide their very souls to truth and abundance.

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