7 Laws of Attraction – How to Attract What you Want

7 Laws of Attraction – How to Attract What you Want

Author: Michael Lee

Whatever thought or feeling you project into the universe, it will be brought back to you. This is the essence of the law of attraction. Breakdown of this law into the 7 Laws of Attraction make understanding and application easier. With these 7 Laws of Attraction, you can succeed in whatever you desire to accomplish.

1. The Law of Manifestation

Think of yourself as a fiction writer. Whatever story you think about in your head - any event - becomes true for your character. The same is true for you. Instead of being at the mercy of a writer, you are the one who writes your own story. You write it just by thinking your thoughts. The Law of Manifestation makes your thoughts real.

So be careful what you “write” - because good or bad, the Law of Manifestation manifests it every time.

2. The Law of Unwavering Desire

If you want something so purely and completely and you believe with all your heart that you deserve it, that you must have it, then you can only be sending out the right vibrations for the universe to receive and send back to you. Let no fear or doubts hold you back.

3. The Law of Delicate Balance

Desperation is a negative emotion; and when you are desperate to have something, you may be sending out the wrong signals. It may seem like a contradiction to Law # 2, where desiring is beneficial to the attraction of positive energy towards yourself; but these 2 cases are different. You must strike a delicate balance between the dream you hope to come true, and living contentedly in the moment. Do not make your goal the singular object of your desire that you neglect all other aspects of your life. Just know that it will happen in time and that, while waiting, you need not be so despondent.

4. The Law of Magnetism

In school we were taught that opposite poles attract and like poles repel each other. Not so in this case. Energy is as pervasive as air. It is all around us, even within us, and we ourselves radiate energy, though often we aren’t even aware of it. But what we must know is that whatever kind of energy we emit—whether positive or negative—is the same kind we attract as it returns to us from the universe. What goes around comes around, as the saying goes.

5. The Law of Synchronization

The universe has much to offer in terms of gifts and gains. These fruits are yours for the taking, if you but align yourself and be in close harmony with the ‘Giver.’ Do not fight the flow or resist the order of things. You are part of a greater whole, not a separate entity; to throw yourself into this realm and bask in it is not only a duty but a birthright.

6. The Law of Universal Influence

Do not take the tiniest of actions for granted. Even the most seemingly harmless of deeds can have influence, for we are all connected and, therefore, what I do affects you to a certain extent, and vice versa. Since you are practically glowing with energy, which vibrates and is carried out into the world, it follows that others will pick up on it and be impacted by it. So exude only the positive.

7. The Law of Conscientious Action

Much like the principle of karma, this Law of Attraction follows the rule, “What you sow, you shall reap.” Carry yourself with dignity and act only in a way that is honorable—to yourself and to others—and the rewards will be plenty.

Try using these 7 Laws of Attraction one day at a time and be amazed at the changes in your life. Everything you have always wanted will come in spades - just like that. And you will find how almost effortless it is to get what you want.

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