Will The Law of Attraction Help Me To Win Lottery

Will The Law of Attraction Help Me To Win Lottery

Author: Jim Somchai

The law of attraction is one of the ways to use the power of our subconscious mind to attract all circumstances and attributes which are favorable to what we want. The question is whether we need to take any actions. Does the law really work without us doing anything? This article talks about the relationship between taking action and the law of attraction.

Many skeptical minds will ask if the law of attraction has such a powerful impact, will it help without the user doing anything. Will it help us to do a simple task like buying a lottery and wait to win? In that case, people can easily get rich even the laziest group of people in the world. If this is true, living in this world will be the most pleasant thing without any difficulty at all.

The law of attraction is definitely a law of nature. It can cause exact affect similar to Newton's law of gravity or Einstine's law of relativity. We can apply the law and get the result every time you want. However, in order to effectively use the law, we need to understand the nature of life. There is another law called the law of cause and effect. Everything that happens has its own cause. There is no such thing as accident. When you use the law of attraction, your communication with the subconscious mind is a cause and the result you want is the effect. This definitely will happen otherwise the law of attraction will not be called a "law".

How to communicate with the subconscious mind is by visualization. The subconscious mind does not understand verbal language. It only understands picture. We therefore need to make the picture in our mind. Once the picture is vivid and clear, the subconscious mind will perceive it as it is real. The mind then will work to make all you want come to you and you get what you have visualized. The visualization needs to be done everyday or as often as you can. When you visualize, you have a deep belief that this thing will definitely happens to you because you will take every efforts to make it happens. The more belief you have, the clearer the picture it will be. The clearer the picture is, the sooner the result will materialize.

Then we come to the question if the law is applicable to winning a lottery or achieving wealth without doing anything. The answer is yes. If you can vividly visualize, you can win a lottery. Or you can get what you want without doing anything if you can effectively visualize. There were some evidences that people win lottery using visualization and the law of attraction. The keyword here is "effectively". The truth is that the chance that you can effectively visualize will be very slim if you don't really believe that you will get the result. How to believe that you can achieve your goal depends on your plan of action. Deep inside you know that you will not get anything if you do not take any action. Most people know that the chance of winning a lottery is very low. The higher the prize is, the less chance you have according to the law of probabilities. Therefore, most people can not truly believe that they can win lottery by just visualization. They therefore will not be able to use the law of attraction to attract the lottery winning.

It is the same as doing nothing and expecting the good result. Your logical mind will not accept this assumption and will result in defected visualization. You will not get what you want. Plus you will waste your time doing that.

The law of attraction can help you win everything if you know how to use it including winning a lottery. This article will reveal the secret of how to make use of the law effectively.

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Anonymous said...

know what! law of attraction can do anything. This thing is totally amazing. I am proud to have come to this world.