Belief is the Law of Attraction in Action

Belief is the Law of Attraction in Action

Author: Michael McGrath

When Napoleon Hill wrote his famous book "Think & Grow Rich" the world was a very different place. Things were slower. Competition was not nearly as tough. Although we live in an era where a man can start with less than nothing and build an empire does it seem to you that life has just gotten more difficult since those simpler times? Well although Napoleon Hill never mention it by name his book and the message in it revolved around one law. This law has worked for millions before Hill was born, worked for millions after it was written and will work for millions long after we are dead. I am of course referring to the Law of Attraction. So how come you haven't got it to work yet?

The law states that things, situations, circumstances and even people are drawn into your life because you attract them. They are attracted by your thoughts and your feelings. The thoughts you hold and the emotions connected to them are what is referred to as your "consciousness". It is your consciousness about any situation that activates the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is becoming almost a household term. There are few people who have not tried to gain benefit from using it and fewer still who have not heard of it. But there are only a small number of people experiencing the huge rewards they desire from its use. Why is this? Are you one of the fortunate few who have learned to utilize this all powerful law? Or are you one of the unfortunate ones who visualise their dreams daily yet receives little or no results?

If you are the latter then take heart because you are reading the very article that can help you to unleash the power of the Law of Attraction to create miracles in your life.

To be a winner in life - one of those individuals who succeeds and reaches their goals - it is essential you look closely as your belief system. Your beliefs determine where your thoughts are directed and your thoughts determine your emotions. It is this combination of thought and emotion which activates the great Law of Attraction.

Do you have problems in your life? Is your life filled with money problems, distructive relationships, bad health etc? Perhaps there are also areas that are working ok or even brilliantly? Most of us have a mixture of the two. Some areas in our life are working and some are not. If you are having problems there is a solution but before I explain what that is we first need to look at the areas in your life that are working.

Look at one such area and ask yourself how you feel about this. Try to identify what feelings come up as you do this. You will find that your thoughts and feelings are very positive around this subject area. Now, it's easy to believe that your thoughts and feelings are positive because the situation is positive but just for a moment imagine that the opposite is true. What if the situation is only positive because your thoughts and feelings are positive? "Impossible!" you may say. Maybe, maybe not!

Now, look at an area where you have problems. I bet when you think of it you get a feeling in your stomach or tightness in your chest and immediately your mind goes into a downward spiral thinking of all the things that could get worse in the situation. Now do you feel like that because the situation is bad, or is the situation bad because you feel like that?

Are you willing to try an experiment? It takes courage. Are you sure you're up to the challenge? If you feel you are courageous enough and have the inner fortitude and open-mindedness to conduct this experiment then let us begin!

The Law of Attraction can be summed up in one short sentence - you get more of what you focus on! As an experiment we are going top take an area of your life that is working wonderfully and we are going to focus on as many things as we can that are WRONG with it for 7 days straight!

As the Law of Attraction brings back to you more of what you focus on then things in this situation should start to get worse - a lot worse. Look for small things to focus your attention on. Let's create an example but you should choose an area that is working well for you! Ok, so you love your job but that guy across from you who keeps picking his nose is really annoying. The 30 minute lunch break is nowhere nearly enough time to get something substantial to eat and let it digest; your workload is unreasonable etc.

Now, if the Law of Attraction really exists you should have a very clear sign of it thorough this little experiment. If you redirect your focus toward the negative diligently for seven day you will find little problems creeping in, probably from the first day. You will find that Mr. Annoying Guy's habits get even more annoying, your lunch break will be taken up by unexpected events and your workload will be increased. This is not just selective attention; you will find that these things actually happen!

If you have the courage to perform this experiment you will have very clear evidence that the Law of Attraction is very real indeed. Before you have finished this experiment you should be already fed-up with the results. So, once you have satisfied yourself that the Law of Attraction really does exist it is time to put things back to normal. Begin to focus once again on the positive aspects of your job. Ok that guy is annoying but he did help you with a certain problem last week. Your lunch break may not be as long as a rival company's but most of the people working there are miserable and at least you are doing something you enjoy. After all there are people out there that have to work at jobs they hate etc.

You will find that things quickly return to normal. But don't stop there. Look for other positive things to focus on. Look for things in your life that you want to expand. Focus on those things and you will get more of them. If you want something that doesn't exist yet then visualize it, feel gratitude that you already have it even if it isn't there it. Look for things that affirm that it is on its way. Take pleasure is seeing others with the thing you have and feel the joy of knowing that it will soon be yours.

Soon you will find that the Law of Attraction can be your greatest friend or your worst enemy. Try this little experiment and then decide which type of acquaintance YOU want the Law of Attraction to be in your life.

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