Success Factor Of The Law Of Attraction

Success Factor Of The Law Of Attraction

Author: Stephen Campbell

The law of attraction stands to be a universal force that helps you attract whatever you focus your attention on. This power allows one to make their emotions and thoughts come true to reality. Right from beginning of creation of this law of attraction, it has been existent. There are many great people who have been practicing this law for a long time. Most of the people practice this universal law, including Oprah practices this law of attraction.

One can get anything that one likes or wants using this law of attraction. One needs to think, focus, believe, and attain excellent amount of self confidence. Then one can very easily manifest this law of attraction. This law is applicable for most of the attempts that one intends to make. One can sow the seeds of one's desires, dreams and create one's own personal tree, once the law of attraction is clear.

Universal law : Many people struggle to enjoy the success of this law of attraction. People who apply this law of attraction must know everything about it in order to attain maximum amount of advantage and maximum effectiveness. However, the law of attraction does not completely rely on the simple formula of ask, believe and receive. In order to unleash the complete power of this universal law, one needs to do various things.

One should declare his or her intension and feel as if it is already achieved. If one wants be the best author, one should keep repeating that he or she is the best author throughout the day. If this is practiced with strong belief, emotion, and conviction then one can acquire the best. If one happens to say any negative statement then one should change the mind immediately. It is necessary for one to be completely positive also free from pessimistic toxins.

One needs to visualize everything that is in one's

mind. One needs to believe that everything is already apparent. Feel the happiness in your body, mind, and soul of having your dream come true. It is often suggested to create a vision board, as this would surely help enhancing visual faculty. One should help oneself as self help is the best help. If one believes in "karma" one would know well that if one does good deeds he will get back good in return. However, only day dreaming and not working would not help. One need to work only then universe would help one. If you open up then the law of universe, law of attraction would allow receiving abundance that the universe would supply.

Success key : The law of attraction would work only if one knows how to use it correctly. One must know all about law of attraction before implication for better results. If the law of universe is known well then there are few chances for one to fail. Apply all the principles in order to manifest everything that you had only been dreaming of. One can achieve the desire of turning all the dreams into reality. One can succeed only by understanding the law and its implications correctly.

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Chrissy on 12 January 2009 at 01:02 said...

I recently read an outstanding book about the law of attraction called The Attraction Distraction. My favorite part about the book is that author Sonia Miller's simple four-step process which she calls The Mystic's Formula. The formula finally sheds light on all the ways I was sabotaging myself and didn't even know it. With the help of just a few of the exercises and explanations I'm already seeing new results in my life.