Cosmic Law Of Attraction

Cosmic Law Of Attraction

Author: Stephen Campbell

According to law of attraction, you are attracting everything that you are giving attention to, at every moment. You draw attention towards the things that are predominant. You can attract everything that is wanted and stop attracting that you do not like. The law of attraction reacts only to the matching vibrations. Law is a major means of a Soul to master physical life. Law of attraction cannot be understood only by five sensory intellects as they are non-integrated objects as by the wisdom of soul. Shortcoming in the principles, slowing the evolution of human consciousness and achievement, policies and practices of human institutions like government, all these reflect the wisdom of soul.


Cosmic law is the supreme law of universe. Government absent of soul wisdom usually attracts the lessons evidenced by the advancement of authentic constitution with the cosmic laws of universe. By the oneness of the universe, all the conditions and situations that are desired by soul are mastered. All the people who want to get rescued are helped by the government. Negative-positive lessons are understood well and should not be mixed up. There could be various disorders that can occur in the physical body when one selects a main lesson for choosing a negative interpretation than putting positive interpretation. It is necessary for the energy to flow freely.

A negative interpretation could cause disruption of energy in various ways. It does not matter if it is personal, regional, local or off planet interpretation. This cosmic law of attraction can power the mind of energy. One needs to accept personal responsibility in order to co-create conditions and let go off negative. One must know this well that every experience is a positive experience. All that is true for macrocosm is all true of microcosm. Any negative interpretation can cause physical disorders to a person to planetary also beyond that. The cosmic law of attraction states that throughout the universe, everything has life and gets affected. The material brain integrates the universal mind of the soul for best human experience. The law of mastering the power of co-creating the material reality for positive results and utilizes the soul mind in order to influence matter.

Cosmic law

The cosmic law of attraction can let the human intellect to listen to the wisdom of the soul. Thus, everything could be mastered right from physical wellness and abundance to planetary harmony. Goodness and altruistic behavior attracts similar energies. The same way, the selfish and cruel behavior attracts the same. You ca learn to attract everything that you want and like by first living in your aura. The law of attraction is thus found useful. You can use this law of attraction in order to give love and also if you want to be loved by someone. If you wish to be treated in a good way then it is necessary for you to treat yourself and others well.

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