How Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

How Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

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You may have watched the movie "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. Perhaps you've followed the guidelines in the movie but have found that it hasn't quite worked for you the way it has for the people in the movie. If this is the case, then maybe the following guidelines can help you.

When a lot of people first became aware with the idea of the law of attraction, they felt like they have struck gold. They learned that their every desire that they ever wanted was theirs simply for the asking. This concept is nothing short of shocking and amazing. The proof lies in quantum physics.

Before you get all intimidated, let me assure you that we will not go into any deep physics equations here. Instead, quantum physics basically teaches that there are universal laws. These universal laws affect everything, physical and non-physical. In science, we learn that everything is made up of energy. Everything, whether it's a table, a computer, a dog, a plant, a planet, a galaxy or a human being. Everything is made up of energy. This also includes our thoughts, desires and feelings. Although we cannot see them, they are still energy. In essence, they are a type of reality that has not manifested into the physical experience.

By nurturing certain kinds of thoughts and feelings through focus, you can manifest them into the physical reality. This means that any thoughts, whether they are "good" or "bad" have the same potential and capacity to be manifested into the physical realm. The law of attraction is about understanding that whatever you focus on is what you are nurturing towards physical manifestation. It means that when you understand what you don't want, that you wont' focus on those things, so that you can allow more of those things that you do want to manifest.

This may sound too good to be true for some people. Many people have struggled all their lives. So many people work hard and have not had much luck in life. They think "It can't be as simple as that!". But take for example a car that needs a new transmission. You can work very hard digging a ditch, and you can dig a huge ditch for 5 years, but that car is not going to start running until you find a way to repair that transmission.

This is the point of the law of attraction. It's about learning how to use our minds more efficiently to experience a higher quality of life.

When you first began to see "The Secret", you may have started to do the first requirement of the 3 step equation of manifesting, which is believing. You may have also asked and waited to receive. And it may have worked, in a way, but not quite. Everything that you wanted didn't quite seem to come as easy as they said it would be. Even, some things did not come about. You may have found yourself a little frustrated with this idea of the law of attraction.

You may not be in that dream house, have that million dollars in the bank, or own that brand new Porsche. So, you may have thought "Why didn't it work for me?". Is it a scam or did I miss something.

The truth is that the law of attraction works. It has been proven to work over and over again in many people's lives and guess what? It's working right now in your life. There are no exceptions. The law of attraction works every single time. There are three requirements to harnessing the law of attraction to get more of the things you want. They are not complex, and are really natural to what you're already doing.

Before we get into that, let me explain that most of us have been steered away from our natural sense of being. We've been taught to make life so difficult that we have forgotten how to just be. The law of attraction is a process. It takes time to become a deliberate creator of our own life.

The very first requirement to harnessing the law of attraction is to realize that you're starting. Just like learning to play the guitar, or learning how to drive a car or learning a new language, we all start out as newbies. That means you have to know where you're starting point is and where your desired destination is. It means tapping into where you are right now. It also means that you are at the point in life that you're in for a reason.

No matter what, you are always the creator of your life, whether it is by default or deliberately. Consciously, you may not understand or know why you are at the point in life where you are now, but your unconscious levels do know. Those parts have manifested exactly what was desired. Most people simply try to impose their conscious will on those unconscious levels, and that doesn't work. You've got to start with where you are right now and work your way through it.

The second requirement involves allowing the law of attraction to work by articulating what you want, taking into account all levels and parts of your life. There are various segments and parts of your life. These can be called environments. You don't just choose one portion to create in and then leave the others. You create all areas of your life at the same time. So, if for example you want a pay raise in your job, you don't forget that you've also got to offer more value to your boss. You also don't forget that you've got to have time for your family and relaxation.

By taking into account all aspects of your life when you're deliberately creating, you can avoid creating conflicts that end up destroying your focus and canceling out your goals.

The third requirement is clearing the pathway so that you can have pure and focused energy flowing back and forth. Most people know that when they're cooking there are a lot of things that need to be in place to ensure a delicious meal. You can be a gourmet chef, buy only the best ingredients, have a great recipe, use only the best pots and pants, but if you're using a dirty bowl to mix things in, then your meal is going to be ruined.

It just won't work. In the same way, if you're using a mixing bowl that is caked with molded and old food (old habits, stagnating beliefs and behaviors), then whatever you try to create in that bowel will be tainted. The same principle applies in our life. You just can't create what you want if you're not clearing a pathway.

How do you remove some of those old blocks and make a clear pathway? One excellent way is through hypnosis or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, also known as NLP. These are excellent tools to clear those limiting beliefs and to be able to allow the wonderful new things in your life that you know you deserve. Deliberate creation is possible with the law of attraction, once you put these tools to use!

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