What Is The Law Of Attraction And How Can I Learn More?

What Is The Law Of Attraction And How Can I Learn More?

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What is the law of attraction? The dictionary defines that law of attraction as the basis in which our Universe operates. This law of attraction affects physical as well as non physical things. It may be defined as vibrations of similar frequencies are attracted to each other. Your thoughts attract other thoughts of a similar vibration and frequency.

This is a very simple definition and in every day life, the law of attraction is a bit more complex than just thinking positive thoughts. We've all had positive thoughts for a while, and then something may have happened that was not so positive. This doesn't mean that the law of attraction doesn't work, but rather it means that our understanding of things may not be as clear as we'd hoped them to be.

The law of attraction is thorough and takes all of your inner levels into account when bringing you the experiences and things that you are currently experiencing in your life. This includes your unconscious mind. While on the surface and on our conscious level, we may be aware of only 10 percent of our thoughts and feelings, but the law of attraction is aware of all of our thoughts and feelings.

For example, if a person wants to quit smoking, he or she consciously wants to really quit. They say "This is it! I'm done smoking for good!". It may be that their health is in danger and now they really need to quit. But on a much deeper level, they have associated great pleasure with smoking. So while consciously, they really want to quit a bad habit, on a much deeper level, they will still want that pleasure of smoking. So what usually ends up happening is that the person may be able to quit for a day or a few days, but then goes right back to smoking. Did the law of attraction fail?

No, it did not fail, but instead there were things that were overlooked by that person. For one thing, that person did not associate great pleasure with being smoke free. In addition, their body may physically have become addicted and this calls for great strength in dealing with the withdrawal symptoms.

You see, the law of attraction works in and through each of us. That means that things will not just simply fall out of the sky, but instead that things come through our actions. It means that you have to do something to set things in motion. It also means that you have to think things over and try to go about it the best way you can. While many self help courses try to tell people that that something can be had for nothing, the law of attraction doesn't quite work that way. Just like you have to take action to enjoy your favorite food (such as lifting the fork to put the food in your mouth), the same principle works with law of attraction.

Harnessing the law of attraction and getting it to work in your life takes practice. It is also a life long process of learning and getting better and better at it. Books such as, The Master Key System, by Charles F. Haanel and Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill are excellent to help you understand a deeper level of the law of attraction.

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