Is “the Secret” and the Introduction to Law of Attraction a Fear Breeder or a Blessing to People?

Is “the Secret” and the Introduction to Law of Attraction a Fear Breeder or a Blessing to People?

Author: Gudmundur Sigurdarson

What scared them about “The secret”?

For most people it is the realization of what they think of becomes reality. That what they think will attract to them what they are thinking about. As is said in “The Secret” the law of attraction isn’t biased, it simply provides what you think of. In my book “The first step: A peek at the real world”, I cover how you attract certain people around you. That is when you are miserable who are the people you talk to and what do you talk about? When you are happy what are the people you talk to and what do you talk about? Do you think it is a coincidence that it is consistently the same people you see and you talk about similar things? Could it be that the law of attraction is making sure that you are surrounding yourself with people that think and feel like you do, what happens if you stop complaining? What happens if you are genuinely happy and successful, do these same people stay around and have the same types of conversations with you? This is one of the examples that most people are familiar with. You may on the other hand not realize it till someone points it out to you and you really start reflecting on it.

Is the law of attraction something to be afraid of?

The answer to that is very simple, just because you just realized it is there, doesn’t mean that you have to fear it. After all did you fear other things that you didn’t know existed just because you didn’t know about them, even though they were affecting your every day life? The law of attraction has always been around, it has been working with you, it has been providing you with all the things you have been thinking about and it will continue to do so, doesn’t matter if you believe in it or not.

Can you choose not to believe?

You can choose to believe or not to believe, just because you saw “The Secret” doesn’t mean that you have to start believing in the law of attraction. Here is the thing about not believing, can you choose not to believe in gravity? Can you choose not to believe in the law of persuasion? Absolutely, the choice is yours, you can believe or you can not believe, but that still does not mean that it doesn’t exist or that it is working.

So does it really work?

I have been asked several times if the law of attraction works. Using NLP techniques I teach people how to create the future they want to be able to get it. Everything starts in the mind, if you never think of it, chances are that you will never do it because it is never an option to you. If the universe is constantly moving things into place, you better define exactly what it is that you want to receive. Sometimes the question isn’t even if it does work, sometimes the question you should be asking, is if it works do you want to take the chance that it doesn’t and not utilize it?

If I haven’t seen “The Secret” yet should I watch it?

Personally and professionally I would recommend it for people to watch. Knowledge is always power, and if you can utilize the information in “The Secret” to your benefit then you should absolutely take the time to watch it, just remember to keep an open mind. There are many different people that present in the movie and the information comes in various terms and examples, the message is a wonderful one and if nothing else, it should help you think in outcomes.

How do life coaches work with the law of attraction?

Life coaches really don’t work with the law of attraction directly, they work with you so that you can start utilizing things like the law of attraction. During the life coaching process we work with you in discovering the things you want, discovering how much the power of outcome based thinking does benefit you. There is an old saying, “you become what you consistently think about”, and that is where life coaching really works wonders. A life coach will work with you to and assist you in consistently focus on the things you want in life, to become exactly what you want to be. A life coach works like a “turbine” for most people. Many people start going through a self-help or personal development with what they have to work with at that time. A life coach has many ways to help you speed up the process and in many cases give you things that books and audio programs can not, and those are questions and answers that reflect your situation.

Can I attract wealth, health and happiness by using nothing more than the law of attraction?

Yes you can loose weight by using the law of attraction, you can get wealthy by using the law of attraction and you can find true happiness by using the law of attraction. NLP has utilized techniques that implement a new thought process not only in your conscious mind, but in your subconscious mind as well. Life coaches can help you take what you want and create new beliefs that will assist and support you, in the process of getting those things you have always wanted.

How do I go about finding a life coach that will assist me in getting all the things that I want?

On you can find additional articles about how to select the right life coach for you. A good start to any process is to do a little bit of work on your own. You can do this by purchasing a book or two and read them before talking to a life coach, make sure you choose a book that is easy to read and you will actually complete it. You can also seek out audio programs or articles that focus on this subject. If you are ready now to contact a life coach and start getting more of the things you want in life, then we recommend that you do so. Start using “The Secret” to your benefit, why wait another second to have all the things you want, come to you in abundance.

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