The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

Author: Christopher Anderson

One of the most amazing tools you have is your mind. When used properly the mind can create an atmosphere of great joy. A great tool the mind has is the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is a universal law that states: Like attracts like. It is important to know that everything in the universe is made of energy. When something is put under a powerful microscope and take to the deepest level of seeing, beyond atoms, all that is left is energy. This energy gives off a vibration. The Law of Attraction says that whatever vibration this energy gives off it attracts the same kind of energy.

If everything in the universe is energy, then we are energy and we are giving off a vibration that attracts things, people, events and emotions into our lives. How does this vibration work? Through our words, thoughts and actions. As we focus on something we are sending a vibration out to the universe that attracts the thing we are focusing on. Wether we want the thing that we are focusing on or not, we will attract it because we send out a vibration of whatever it is we are focusing on. For example, think of someone that materially may not have a lot. Listen to there language. I have on money. I am broke. That's expensive. I can't afford that. What kind of thoughts do you think they are having? Thoughts of lack and that is exactly what they are attracting to themselves. On the other hand, think of someone you know that has a lot prosperity in their life. What is their language. How can I get that? What can I create? I can pay someone to do that, that is in our price range. The material prosperous individual is thinking more abundantly and thus attracts abundance in his/her life. Whatever it is that we put our attention on, we will attract into our lives.

For many people who have not heard of the Law of Attraction, this may be hard to accept. Just because you don't believe something doesn't mean it is not true. As you begin to live your life in harmony with the Law of Attraction and focus on the things you want you will begin to speak and act in ways that will attract the things you want in life. I don't care if it is financial security, health, a love relationship, a new house or car.

The Law of Attraction takes a lot of practice. You need to make sure you are not focusing on simply wanting more. Because if you focus on wanting more than you are only attracting wanting more and you will never attract what you are truly seeking. One of the best ways to avoid attracting wanting more and attracting what you do want is to imagine whatever it is that you do want is here right now. Be specific. Go some place quiet and imagine and really get into feeling of already attaining what it is you are trying to attract. The mind is powerful. Harness the energy of the mind and imagine and visualize and you will attract the things you want.

When I first learned of the Law of Attraction, the summer months for my business were always the slowest time of the year. Now that I now the Law of Attraction, it was because we would announce to ourselves and the world that July and August were our worst months. I first learned about the Law of Attraction during July a couple years back. When August came around, my business partners and I decided that we would focus on making ten thousand dollars in the month of August. Since we hadn,t made a whole lot of money in August in the past we felt that this was a little of a stretch but attainable. This is crucial, because we did not want too much doubt coming into our minds. By the end of August we had made nine thousand, seven hundred. Do you think we were upset that we didn't meet our ten thousand goal. No! We were excited. We made more in August than in all the other summer months combined. We took that success and continued to push the envelope on how much we could make and we have increased our business and financial security considerably.

The Law of Attraction works and it works every time. By focusing on the good things in life, you can attract them in to your life and this will bring joy, happiness, excitement and the things you most desire.

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Christopher Anderson wants to share his success as a business owner with others who desire to own their own business. He also believes that the economy is stronger with more business owners, and as a result, he is focused on helping business owners succeed. Lone Peak Business Solutions

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