Lemonade and The Universal Law of Attraction

Lemonade and The Universal Law of Attraction

Author: Paul Warren

Here's a great parable on how you can use the universal law of attraction in your life.

There was a gentleman, let's call him George, who was going through a tough financial streak. One day there was a knock at the door and, by the time he answered it, the caller had vanished. All that was left was a crate of lemons.

Now George had never heard about the universal law of attraction. But he did know that if you add enough ingredients to lemons, you can make lemonade. It happened that he had just enough money in his pocket for the ingredients, and, with an 'Attitude of Gratitude' for the 'free' lemons, he set about the task.

Shortly, he set up a lemonade stand at the local County Fair selling the lemonade he made with the anonymous lemon gift. His stand was very popular and many enquiries followed, soon the law of attraction had opened up a range of opportunities for him to pursue.

So, even though George was not 'consciously' applying the law of attraction, his actions brought about a series of circumstances that helped him out of his dire circumstances, because he was open to the possibilities around him.

Yes, the universal laws of attraction were good to George.

Do you see how simple it can be to use the law in your life to create an exciting future, one that you can be proud of? And do you also see how easily those same laws of attraction, if not used wisely can attract things you don't want into your life?

If you begin to be thankful for everything that comes your way in life, the universal law of attraction will sense this newfound gratefulness and begin to provide you with more reasons to be thankful.

This translates into the law of attraction providing you with more of the better things in life, as defined by you. The law will do nothing more in your life than offer the circumstances that you're thinking of.

Even if you're given some form of wealth -money- jewelry-a car-, even a tiny bit, but don't accept it with an air of gratitude, then the universal law of attraction naturally assumes it's not what you really wanted, and will not deliver more. The law is going to assume -rightly or wrongly - that you really didn't want that wealth in the first place, and you will know poverty once again.

However, if you accept even that little bit of wealth with sincere gratitude, knowing that if given more, it will accumulate, then the law of attraction is going to bring even more wealth your way.

It might not happen overnight, but rest assured that eventually the universal law of attraction will recognize your sincere gratitude and begin to bring more wealth your way. The law of attraction doesn't work just for wealth; you can put these amazing universal laws of attraction to work for you in your relationships, in attaining joy, in your career in absolutely every endeavor in your life.

There is not an aspect of your life that is not governed by the law of attraction. That's why it's best to take heed to the ancient wisdom: "In all good things give thanks." This is the surest way to make the law of attraction work in all aspects of your life.

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Paul Warren is a Wealth Creation Educator and stock trader. You can download Wealth Creation Audio Books and Free Wealth Creation E-books at his site ">http://www.mymillionairebuddy.com"> mymillionairebuddy.com

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