Purpose, Manifestation and the Law of Attraction

Purpose, Manifestation and the Law of Attraction

Author: Paul Warren

Thinking, according to the law of attraction, does not merely mean intensive thinking about a goal, but its realization. The law of attraction also states that we are capable of bringing about remarkable changes in our lives, through effective thought management and rightful utilization of our positive energies.

The law of attraction has exploded in popularity in the last few years, with hundreds of thousands of people reading books, articles, and any little tidbit they can get their hands on, and they have been realizing that the secret law of attraction can truly improve their lives for the better.

But the fatal flaw that the majority of these people make is they think that the secret law of attraction doesn't take any work on their part. They think that if they're really good at manifesting their thoughts, they won't have to do any work and the universe will wait on them hand and foot.This isn't true! The law of attraction does not let you get out of working hard for your dreams! Nothing will replace good, old fashioned hard work. The law of attraction will not get you out of working.

When you use the law of attraction and harness the power of the universe, you open doors for yourself. You notice opportunities that you would not otherwise have and are challenged to step forward in faith. In order to achieve your dreams, you must take opportunity, and allow the universe to lead you towards happiness, wealth, power, love whatever your dream is.

For example.

A mans girlfriend needs to get her car fixed. Its going to cost $500.00 dollars. The man says, If I win the lottery, Im going to get my girlfriends car fixed. Now he could go get the car fixed now, but he argues is that he only has $1,000.00 in the bank it would take half of his savings just to get the car fixed, and what if he needs to get his car fixed after that?

That is not the right way to use the law of attraction. Iinstead, in order to properly use the power of the universe and take full advantage of the law , you must pay for your girlfriends car to be fixed first and then be alert to opportunities that arise. You must seize these as they are presented to you, and then you will truly be using the law of attraction. How much 'belief' in this law of attraction thing do you really have though?

The law of attraction points out that human mind has a general tendency to crave for more, to reach for the unreachable and gain the maximum in life. Quite often, this is not possible because of circumstantial reasons, but mostly it is the mental laxity which is responsible. The inability to realize ones true end in life is also a potential reason. The law of attraction aims at resolving all of these issues by manifesting.

"Manifesting implies making evident or proving the presence of something. The word, commonly associated with the new age and new thought theories, refers to a sense of faith for ones will, mental integrity and power that is capable of translating all of ones dreams into reality. Manifesting is one of the principal credos in the law of attraction.

The manifestation theory helps you to understand the goal of your life and then provides the means to attain it. According to the law of attraction, it is only when an individual has this knowledge of their goal in life that they are able to move towards achieving it. So, spend some quiet time on a chair by yourself for 10 or 15 minutes close your eyes and ask your 'self', "What am I 'meant' to be doing", take note of what comes into you consciousness. This can be somewhat scary, but it helps you to understand and therefore, to see reality more clearly and manifest the things to help you fulfill your purpose..

When you realise what your purpose is you will be on a course of action to materialize your dreams. This happens as your thoughts to reach the goal attract the means to attain it. Manifesting is one of the key factors that contribute to the immense popularity of the law of attraction. It is only through Manifesting that the simple cause and effect characteristic of the law of attraction is most clearly explained.

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