How Many of These Law of Attraction Distractions Are Affecting You?

The universe runs based on laws. It is through the awareness of these laws governing our universe that living becomes more joyous and easier to manage. When you resist the laws of the universe, it doesn't negate the existence of the laws, it simply makes it far more challenging to achieve what you most want to achieve, because you are working against the universal current instead of with it.

For example, if you are driving down the road in your car going 75 mph, and suddenly come to a very sharp curve; it makes no difference if you accept Newton's First Law — "An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speed and in the same direction." The law is true regardless of your belief in it or not. What does make a difference to you is your awareness, acceptance and response in relation to that law. If you aren't aware of the law, and you don't leave enough time to slow down and take the curve at a reasonable speed, you will suffer the possible dire consequences of your choice. If you are aware, and still resist its validity, you will still suffer the same consequences. If, however, you are aware and embrace the law, you then give yourself the freedom to make a choice that can attract far more desirable consequences — namely you go around the curve with ease and grace completely safe to continue your travels.

Becoming aware and embracing the laws that exist gives you the freedom to create and manifest your life with far more ease. Ignoring or resisting the laws of the universe leaves you in a constant battle — struggling against the natural flow. You put yourself into a situation where everything is ten times (an arbitrary number of course) harder than it has to be. And, as you may agree, the intention is to make life easier not harder!

The Law of Attraction is one of these laws. Based on Quantum Physics, the law states: All things, both physical and non-physical, are made of energy. Energy by law attracts that which is vibrating at the same speed. Thus, if you are vibrationally tuned into "X," you will attract more "X" to you. If you are focused on "Y," the universe gives you more "Y." There is no judgment on good or bad in relation to what "X" or "Y" is. The universe gives you exactly what you ask for — wanted or unwanted. And the way the universe knows what you are asking for is through your focus. That which you place your focus (your energy), and thus vibrate in relation to, is what the universe reads as your request. So, if you are resonating with the emotions of sadness and frustration, you will attract experiences that match that vibration. The universe doesn't assess that you may not want sadness; it only gives you what you are asking for. If you are focusing on not wanting something, your focus is actually still on that thing you don't want. This means you are actually vibrating more strongly with what you don't want than what you do want. The universe, making no judgment, simply gives you what you are focusing on.

In order to use the Law of Attraction as the tool it can be for making life easier and more joyous, you must first identify what is keeping the law from being successful. What I have found, working with those seeking to learn and use the Law of Attraction, are the top three distractions that sabotage your results and keep you from creating and manifesting with 100% success. In essence, what keeps you from taking the curve with ease and grace to continue on in your travels.

The first distraction is getting caught up in what others believe to be true or not. There are many who will argue against the Law of Attraction. They will provide their proof of how the law doesn't work and why. They will ridicule your naivety and do whatever they can to "talk you out of" believing. My question to you is, "How does what ‘they' think actually affect you? How does someone else's path and journey determine what is true for you?" There will always be opposing ideas and truths that assist each of us in living the life we came here to live (thank goodness). Resisting that there are other ideas is unproductive. But, abandoning what resonates within you out of fear of being ridiculed or looking foolish is extremely counterproductive to your own journey. The Law of Attraction is based on focusing on what you want. If you fall prey to focusing on your fear that the law doesn't work, that is exactly what you will experience.

However, I must mention that, if you question the validity of this law and are attracting those who provide you an opportunity to address that question, you must honor what you are attracting. If you simply resist your questions and what you are pulling toward you, you are actually focusing on ignoring yourself instead of connecting with what is true for you.

The key for responding to disbelievers (and not getting distracted by them) is focusing on your own knowing (inner source), instead of focusing on what you "know" (which is only a small part of the total you). Your knowing will tell you if the disbelievers you are attracting are there to confirm your knowing, expand their own awareness with your perspective or confirm what they already believe, which may or may not coincide with what you believe. It is all a perfect attraction. Everyone working on what they most need. So, embrace the questioning of others and allow them to believe and focus on what they most need for their journeys, while connecting with your own knowing, which is all that is important for your journey.

The second distraction is over emphasis on the physical manifestation of now. Instead of choosing to focus on the non-physical possibilities of now, where creation begins, you put all of your focus on what you can physically see, hear, feel, touch, etc. Note: they both occur in the now. The second, however, being a physical manifestation, can often become more real to you because it is experienced with your five senses. The reason that focusing on only your physical manifestations is a distraction is that you don't allow your imagination to create and nurture (with the required focus and energy) the desires that are now being born in the non-physical. At every moment you have the opportunity to focus on either physical or non-physical realities. They are both equally true. However, you cannot experience the non-physical quite as easily as the physical. As the Law of Attraction is solely based on attracting that which you give the most focus to, you end up being distracted by what is in the physical instead of being energized and inspired by what is being born in the non-physical. When you get distracted by only what is, and it is not what you want, you create more of it. However, when you embrace what physically is, while focusing on what non-physically is, you then have more opportunity to create what you truly desire.

The last distraction that I have found to be most prevalent is conflicting intentions. This is a distraction that is usually hidden from yourself, but still has the same detrimental effects on creating and manifesting what you most desire. Conflicting intentions are the intentions you have that are directly or indirectly in opposition to each other; that if brought into consciousness and articulated would actually make the other impossible, improbable or irrelevant. And, as I said, you are usually not aware of the conflict, which is why it can distract you from focusing even though you aren't aware you are being distracted.

One of the reasons this happens is because people don't break their desires down into categories. For example, when you list what you most want, you may start with desires such as a job that utilizes all your skills, tucking your kids in every night before they go to bed and taking a yearly vacation with your best friends. Although each of these desires is a part of the big picture, they each are also goals that fall into different segments of your life. The first is a career goal, the second a relationship goal and the third could be a pastime, a relationship or a financial goal. By just writing down the most immediate desires that pop into your head, you end up missing many of the subsequent desires and hidden desires that live in each of these various areas of your life — what I call the Nine Environments of Holistic Living. By not breaking your life down into more manageable segments, you don't give yourself the opportunity to really flesh out what you are seeking in each of these very real and often competing areas. It is in the unarticulated desires that conflicting intentions are born.

To make this clearer, let's consider an example. Let's say you have a desire to meet a mate for a long-term relationship, while also having a deep desire to rise to the top of your profession in the next three years. You meet an amazing person and find that this person doesn't want you to work so much. He feels neglected that you are always putting your work before him. You start to feel very frustrated. You begin to believe that you cannot have the success you want in a career and the success you want in a relationship. However, the truth is that you simply did not articulate clearly enough when you were asking and attracting what you wanted in a mate. You may find, hidden deep in your belief structure, that you equate being loved with a person who heavily relies on you and needs a lot of your attention. So, you did attract the person you were seeking (albeit unconsciously). And, when what you asked for showed up, you found out that that you were actually attracting someone who would not support your desire to rise to the top of your profession. The conflict is within you. You didn't articulate clearly enough (allowing your hidden belief to come to the surface) and ended up with only part of what you wanted.

The great thing is that by becoming aware and articulating desires for all the areas of your life, you can identify where there may be conflicts before manifesting what you don't want. The key is in being aware of what you want in order to manifest the exact situation that will work for you. That is why it is imperative to not only know what you are desiring in each of the areas of your life, but to compare each of those areas and seek out where there may be conflicts hiding below the surface. Many times conflicts show up because you are subconsciously holding on to old, unchallenged beliefs from your childhood or past experiences. By breaking down your desires and then going through a comparison analysis (which is one of the imperative steps in my program), you can proactively address what you are focusing on and why. When you bring the hidden conflicts to the surface, that are sabotaging your results, you can remove them and truly focus on your desired outcome.

The Law of Attraction, when understood and used properly, can make life easier and far more joyous. Inherent in the law is your ability to focus on what you want and not what you don't want. By taking care of the distractions that keep you from focusing, you can increase your success rate to 100%

As I always remind my clients, this is all a process. Every day is an opportunity to become more aware and practice. Find the tools you need to assist you and use the laws to make your journey joyous and your travels ongoing.

Melissa Jean Quiter is an inspirational life and business strategist with Provocative Communications. She is the author of the 4-phase, life and business-changing program for stomping out self-sabotage, "Being Spiritual Doesn't Mean Being Poor! How to remove what blocks you from making money & creating happiness," based on the Law of Attraction and the three required elements (the universal laws, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Nine Environments of Holistic Living). To get started, visit: . Melissa also teaches a simple, yet profound, daily process for deliberately creating your life in her book, "My cat made me a millionaire... (and how yours can too!)," available here: . or call: [512] 341-0556.

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