Senses And The Law Of Attraction

By Rohan Jagtap

A human brain can not differentiate between the feelings that are coming from the real life experience and the feelings that are coming from just an imaginary thought. Nose, tongue, skin, ear and eyes are our five senses from which our brain collects the information. This information creates our thoughts and the emotions related with that thought.

 Now, besides this remember? When you was watching a horror movie you was sacred!!! WHY??? In fact you are not facing the same situation that the characters are facing in that movie. THEN WHY did you scared? Answer is simple! Because human brain don’t know what is real and imaginary. And this is the way how you can make true whatever you are dreaming for your life.


The nature always matches your inner and outer world. Whatever you are feeling today in your heart, it will be the exact match of your future reality. So feel your heart today with beautiful feelings. Beautiful feelings come with a beautiful thoughts and beautiful imaginary pictures in front of your eyes. Heart feels fulfillment as brain considers any imaginary picture in front of your eyes as a real one. So imagine with your five senses. Feel that imagination as your real experience. Experience that touch; experience that smell, vision, sound, that taste. If you want money, imagine that touch when thousands of dollars will be in your hands. Imagine what you will do when that much of money will be in your hands. And one more very important thing whatever you are imagining, live it as it was already happened.

 Dear reader there is no difference between you n me as a soul. Like this or like that we have to live our life. It makes simple sense that our good feelings making our life more wonderful. We are always imagining about something, then why not about good things? Quantum physics says nothing is real in this universe. All the things are nothing but just our experience. Always see your life in front of your closed eyes, just like an amazing experience that you ever want to live... forever. My best wishes are always with you. Bye... sweet dreams...

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